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A certain customer was needing a well pump to pump water in to the waste water plant. The contractor had just dug a new well and told the customer it was rated for 65 gpm. With the new equipment the plant was needing up to 120 gpm.

The Bertrem team put their heads together and started coming up with a solution.  They used a Hydroflo turbine pump to handle the 65 gpm out of the well.  A Taco booster pump was also needed to handle the flow from the tank to the plant at 120 gpm.  The building only had 230v 1phase power but the pumps only required 240v 3phase power. Using Weg CFW500 drives, we were able to  provided single phase to three phase power. The customer is able to adjust the speed of the pumps to get the desired flow rate. The customer, furthermore, provided a 2000 gallon buffer tank so the plant could handle the 120 gpm. To control the pumps we used a Proface 4301 HMI/PLC. The terrific team at Proface helped us greatly with the programming. For this project, we are using a Tek-Trol 4800A Submersible Level Transmitter for the level in the tank and Tek-Trol 3120S for the pressure control.  When the tank level is low, the turbine pump turns on and fills the tank. When the pressure drops in the line because of a valve being opened in the plant, the booster pump runs until the valve is closed and pressure in the line is satisfied. Safeties were also programmed to save the pump from running without water in the tank.





Guest poster: Joshua Christiansen