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Bertrem Products has been serving as Manufacturers’ Representative and Wholesale Distributor for a vast array of industrial products and services ever since 1985.

A range of materials manufactured and sold by the company for the whole industry includes control valves and related equipment. 

The principle of control valves is pretty simple because they use a diaphragm. However, there is a category of valves whose job is, definitely, more complicated: severe-duty valves. These are preferred in steam service, feedwater control, critical pressure gas, airplane services, as well as in nuclear or seismic applications.

We have been selling those products for 25 – 30 years now. Throughout this entire period, we have constantly improved them by selecting the most suitable materials for specific applications and operating conditions.  

Trim type valves are specially designed to step down the pressure. They eliminate cavitation, have effective noise control and feature erosion and velocity control.



  • During pressure drop moments the undesirable effects of flashing and cavitation appear. The One Stage Hush Trim has the responsibility to reduce the noise produced in the course of those moments. This trim’s main applications are: steam drum, steam pressure reduction, drains, condensate recirculation, deaerator level control and feedwater regulation.
  • A high-performance specialty tool is the Soft Seated Hush Trim. This double plud trim is designed to provide and maintain an extremely tight shutoff for high-pressure differential liquid applications. In case the valves remain closed more than 25% of the time, this type of trim is used to operate in the condition that exhibits pressure drops. Soft Seated Hush Trim applications are: spay control valves, boiler feed pump recirculation valves, heater drain valves, start-up feedwater control valves.
  • Raven Trims are used when true velocity control is needed. Their role is to limit the fluid velocities at the trim’s exit. The Raven Trim also precludes the problems associated with high velocity: vibration, erosion, cavitation and poor control. This trim is extremely small and designed to solve the problems related to the toughest liquid, gas and steam services.

The Steam conditioning equipment (desuperheaters) has the role to lower the temperature of superheated vapors. They are brought into direct contact with a liquid such as water, so the temperature reduction is, simply, the result of vaporization.



Celeros Flow Technology manufactures multiple sorts of desuperheaters. Their main features are: variable orifices, mechanical atomizing, high turndowns, integral cooling water function, special ANSI ratings (from 150 to 2500),  ASTM/ASME standards.


  • MA-II / MA-IIU Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheaters are used for attemporating applications featuring steady loads. They are designed for rugged service. The final temperature can be maintained to within 20°F (11°C) of saturation. 

  • VAD Variable Annulus Desuperheater is a line size model, designed to satisfy gas cooling applications while being cost-effective. A stainless steel spray head is concentrically located within a short section of the pipe (body). This one fits into the main vapor and acts like the desuperheaters and pressure boundary. VAD’s features are: vertical or horizontal installation, self-regulating 360 degrees coolant annulus for uniform distribution, high rangeability (15:1), minimal vapor side pressure drop, full atomization over the entire operating range, and no spray nozzles to introduce blockage concerns. The body is composed of stainless steel, carbon and chrome-moly. The spray head and wetted pants are entirely made of stainless steel.

  • SA – 35 Steam Atomizing Desuperheater reduces the temperature of vapors (steam) by condensation using a liquid (commonly water).It is designed to maintain a uniform spray where no pressure drop in the steam header can be accepted. SA-35 SAD features are vertical or horizontal piping installation, short mixing distances, high rangeability 25:1, etc.

  • MNSD Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater offers in a variable spray tube design optimum rangeability and high performance. It is designed to open how many orifices it’s needed for cooling. It offers high temperatures capabilities. MNSD’s features are: designed for applications with temperatures up to 1150°F (620°C), water flow turndown of 150:1, vertical or horizontal installation, nozzles and trim assembly can be removed without disconnecting the actuator, designed to resist thermal fatigue, etc.

  • VO-76 and VO-II Variable Orifice Desuperheaters are recognized as the most versatile desuperheaters available. They are capable of satisfying the requirements in both the power and process industries while offering very fine control. They assure an excellent mixing of vapor and coolant. VOD’s features are: extremely fine control and exceptional turndown that is limited only by the rangeability of the coolant control valve itself, rangeability of 100:1, the coolant pressure need only be 5 PSI (0.35 bar) above the pressure of the vapor, etc.

  • Direct Steam Converting Valve – Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA) is generally used for Turbine Bypass applications. It has a very tight shutoff, eliminates high rangeability and thermal shocks. It is pretty big (6 feet long), but it is easy to install and requires low maintenance. It is designed to drop the pressure in order to cool the superheated steam. The valves remain closed to isolate steam flow. DSCV-SA’s features are: high water capacity for large cooling duties, low required coolant pressure, high pressure-balanced, high turndown ratio for both steam and water, noise attenuating trim options, no special tools for maintenance. Its design eliminates risks associated with substandard designs during plant start-up, shutdown and turbine trips.


Bertrem Products has a large part of its business in the water and wastewater treatment plants. In order to successfully ensure the quality of the company’s products, we established partnerships with leading manufacturers. That’s why so our valves are superior to the old, traditional ones. 

We only use five raw materials that resist at a higher pressure than our competitors’ ones (150 – 200). These are „the body of what we produce”, so we are being very careful during supplier selection.

Our products are 100 % made in the USA and we test all of them before launching the products on the marketplace. Every failure makes us wonder „Why?”. Thus we’re continuously hard-working to improve our quality.

The company’s motto is simple: „treat others the way we would want to be treated”. Consequently, we have an engineers team specially created to serve our customers’ needs. We offer high-quality customer service before and after the sale.