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What are Rotary Lobe Pumps and their Functions?

Rotary lobe pumps belong to the “rotating positive displacement pumps” category. As complicated as this name might seem, due to their high performance and compact design, these pumps are being extremely useful in petrochemical, agriculture, refinery, and industrial field. LobePro is considered a pioneer of the rotary pumps. Their products are currently manipulated in more [...]

What are Rotary Lobe Pumps and their Functions?2020-05-26T01:45:47+00:00

How complicated are Severe-Duty Valves?

Bertrem Products has been serving as Manufacturers’ Representative and Wholesale Distributor for a vast array of industrial products and services ever since 1985. A range of materials manufactured and sold by the company for the whole industry includes control valves and related equipment.  The principle of control valves is pretty simple because they use a [...]

How complicated are Severe-Duty Valves?2020-05-26T01:18:49+00:00

What are Lift Stations?

Source: http://romtecutilities.com/ LIFT STATION Wastewater treatment is an important process, used for removing contaminants from wastewater so it could be discharged back into the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment. Drainage systems were invented during the Ancient Rome times. They consisted in surface conduits that were used to collect drainage water and spill it [...]

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Why is it important to descale? 1 Periodic descaling helps prevent Legionnaire’s disease bacteria. Cooler tubes often become caked with algae, mud, scale and sludge. These also develop in the water that accumulates in a cooling tower’s basin floor. Unfortunately, Legionella bacteria thrive in this environment. Descaling would remove the scale, sediments, and slime [...]

Importance of INDUSTRIAL DESCALING2020-06-05T15:29:42+00:00


GUIDELINES TO PURCHASE AN ACTUATORConsider these variables when purchasing your actuators.Consider the motion profile. This will determine your need on minimum and maximum speed requirements.Load calculation. It is important to consider different components like friction load, inertial load, the external applied load and others. Note: calculations will also depend on the orientation of the actuator.Duty [...]

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ACTUATOR – Part 22019-11-16T11:16:56+00:00


TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE ACTUATORS Knowledge on parameters such as loading, stroke length, timing, and others, are important in picking powered actuators. Many of these parameters have limits as to speed and force and narrowing the selection in this manner can bring the appropriate technology into focus. It also needs to keep in [...]

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ACTUATOR – Part 12019-11-16T11:14:23+00:00


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