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Knowledge on parameters such as loading, stroke length, timing, and others, are important in picking powered actuators.

Many of these parameters have limits as to speed and force and narrowing the selection in this manner can bring the appropriate technology into focus. It also needs to keep in mind the kinds of services available.

Electric actuators have advantages of better controllability and are less prone to leaking, an advantage in clean-room settings and more economical in the long run. Electric actuators do tend to have appreciably higher first costs. They also have advantages in outdoor installation where air systems can freeze.

Despite most of companies prefer electric actuators, compatibility on your services will be key to pick the best actuator in your facilities. Hydraulic actuators provide large forces in small sizes but need a source of hydraulic pressure. Air powered actuators, on the other hand, use readily available factory air but there is a trade-off to be made due to their bigger sizes for equivalent forces.

Having to pick the best actuators in your industry will determine the stability of your production. These actuators are just a glimpse of what is appropriate and necessary in order to keep your machines running.

Knowledge is the key to know which will be the best actuator you can use in your company, and that’s where Bertrem Products comes in. We have strong established relationships with the Best Actuators manufacturers, such as AUMA, K-Tork, Flowserve and have the team ready to help our customers asses their needs and choose the right equipment for their facilities.

We also offer Service to your installed actuators, whether it’s a repair or a scheduled maintenance, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to fulfill your Actuators needs.