Mission Provides Peace of Mind for Bertrem Rental Units

When problems arise, often temporary solutions help fill the gap until a permanent fix can be put in place. By providing additional pumps during construction, repairs, or heavy-use periods, Bertrem Products, a Mission distributor in Arkansas, fills this need with their rental pumps. However, when the main equipment is down, utilities still need data about [...]

Mission Provides Peace of Mind for Bertrem Rental Units2021-04-27T20:02:35+00:00

Running Out Of Water Is Not An Option!

A certain customer was needing a well pump to pump water in to the waste water plant. The contractor had just dug a new well and told the customer it was rated for 65 gpm. With the new equipment the plant was needing up to 120 gpm. The Bertrem team put their heads together and [...]

Running Out Of Water Is Not An Option!2021-04-27T20:04:58+00:00

Ski Island Project

It all started when Bertrem products Inc. was approached by the Ski Island Home Owners Association to come up with an accessible solution to help them open their dam gates remotely. Naturally, this might seem like a daunting task that includes a lot of technological knowledge. Still, it turned out to be an amazing experience [...]

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What are Rotary Lobe Pumps and their Functions?

Rotary lobe pumps belong to the “rotating positive displacement pumps” category. As complicated as this name might seem, due to their high performance and compact design, these pumps are being extremely useful in petrochemical, agriculture, refinery, and industrial field. LobePro is considered a pioneer of the rotary pumps. Their products are currently manipulated in more [...]

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What are Lift Stations?

Source: http://romtecutilities.com/ LIFT STATION Wastewater treatment is an important process, used for removing contaminants from wastewater so it could be discharged back into the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment. Drainage systems were invented during the Ancient Rome times. They consisted in surface conduits that were used to collect drainage water and spill it [...]

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Types and Categories of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps can be classified into several types depending on factors in design and others. We will focus on the categories that based on number of impellers, shaft orientation, and compliance with national or industry standards. 1. Number of Impellers • Multi-stage pump – This pump has three or more impellers for more [...]

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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used pump in many industries. This type of pump is mainly used in agriculture, municipal water and wastewater plants, industrial, power, petroleum, mining and many other industries. Simply put, this pump uses centrifugal force, through its impeller, to transfer fluid from one location to another. Characteristics All centrifugal pumps [...]

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