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Why is it important to descale?

1 Periodic descaling helps prevent Legionnaire’s disease bacteria. Cooler tubes often become caked with algae, mud, scale and sludge. These also develop in the water that accumulates in a cooling tower’s basin floor. Unfortunately, Legionella bacteria thrive in this environment. Descaling would remove the scale, sediments, and slime present and minimize the development of the bacteria. Disinfecting the area would also ensure that the bacterial growth is stopped.

2 To keep systems more efficient and prevent the breakdown of operations. Scale buildup will clog pipes, which in turn will force pumps to work harder to push water past the developing scales. If not descaled, the buildup might result in equipment failure, which in turn might cause the entire plant to be shut down for repairs.

3 To maintain the safety of homes and businesses. Hard water scales in boilers, cooling towers and pipework, lower the efficiency of these parts. In some cases, they might become too dangerous to operate. Once the scale reaches a certain thickness, the metal overheats and causes blisters in the material to develop. This might eventually lead to equipment to rupture.

4 Lessens energy costs and saves time and money. Regular descaling results in equipment working at optimal levels. This reduces energy costs that might happen if a boiler or condenser’s heating capacity is compromised, forcing it to work harder.

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