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Descaling is the removal of limescale for industrial and domestic water users in hard water areas.

What is hard water?

It’s a water that has high calcium or magnesium ions content (>≈ 1.2 mM ) acquired during its passage through calcium or magnesium-containing rock such as limestone or chalk. The amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water determines its “hardness”, expressed as the equivalent amount of calcium carbonate in parts per million.

The contact of Hard Water with the internal make-up of certain equipment can create limescale, calcium, rust, mud and water scale buildup.

The development of scales can cause problems like inefficient heating, clogging of other areas in the machine and temperature variations.

When you are facing Hard Water issues, a Descaler is the way to go.

A descaler is a chemical substance used to remove calcium and limescale from various equipment that is in contact with water forming deposits.