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Electric Linear Actuators are electrically powered, mechanical devices consisting of motors, linear guides, and drive mechanisms, used to convert electrical energy into linear displacement through mechanical transmission, electro-magnetism, or thermal expansion to provide straight line push/pull motion. They are used in a wide range of industries where linear positioning is needed. The actuators are driven [...]

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Previously, we talked about what an actuator is, and we can now start to see the different types of Actuators Thermal actuators are actuators that convert thermal energy into movement. One type of thermal actuator is a bimetallic strip, a strip made from two different metals such as steel and copper. [...]

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Centrifugal Pump Safety and Maintenance

Safety should always be your first concern when running a pump in your facility. Follow these Guidelines to ensure your pump is running properly and avoid extra costs on repairs and replacements. Avoid Overheating. When a centrifugal pump overheats, it not only can damage internal components but also could cause severe burns and injuries to [...]

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Centrifugal Pump Limitations

The efficient operation of a centrifugal pump relies on the constant, high speed rotation of its impeller. With high viscosity feeds, centrifugal pumps become increasingly inefficient: there is greater resistance and a higher pressure is needed to maintain a specific flow rate. Slurries such as mud, or high viscosity oils can cause excessive wear and [...]

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Types and Categories of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps can be classified into several types depending on factors in design and others. We will focus on the categories that based on number of impellers, shaft orientation, and compliance with national or industry standards. 1. Number of Impellers • Multi-stage pump – This pump has three or more impellers for more [...]

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Gate Valves

A gate valve is the most common type of valve used in any process plant. It is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow. Gate valves are designed for fully-open or fully-closed service. They are installed in pipelines as isolating valves and should not be used as control or regulating valves. [...]

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What is an Actuator?? Industrial companies often start up with one or two piecesof equipment that will be the cornerstone of their facility. It is either the one you can start without or the one you really need. Actuators are the latter. We need to explore, learn, and discover the functions and types of electric [...]


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used pump in many industries. This type of pump is mainly used in agriculture, municipal water and wastewater plants, industrial, power, petroleum, mining and many other industries. Simply put, this pump uses centrifugal force, through its impeller, to transfer fluid from one location to another. Characteristics All centrifugal pumps [...]

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