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The efficient operation of a centrifugal pump relies on the constant, high speed rotation of its impeller. With high viscosity feeds, centrifugal pumps become increasingly inefficient: there is greater resistance and a higher pressure is needed to maintain a specific flow rate.

Slurries such as mud, or high viscosity oils can cause excessive wear and overheating leading to damage and premature failures.

A further limitation is that, unlike a positive displacement pump, a centrifugal pump cannot provide suction when dry: it must initially be primed with the pumped fluid. Centrifugal pumps are therefore not suited to any application where the supply is intermittent. Additionally, if the feed pressure is variable, a centrifugal pump produces a variable flow.

To prevent damages and failures it is advice to schedule maintenance to the Centrifugal Pump, and have qualified personnel checking its functionability. In Bertrem Products, we can assist you in the Service of your Centifrugal Pumps, and are also available to conduct training sessions to your team, and therefore ensure the best operation of your equipment.

Check our next article to find out some important Maintenance and Safety Guidelines in the use of a Centrifugal Pump.