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Safety should always be your first concern when running a pump in your facility. Follow these Guidelines to ensure your pump is running properly and avoid extra costs on repairs and replacements.

Avoid Overheating. When a centrifugal pump overheats, it not only can damage internal components but also could cause severe burns and injuries to anyone servicing the pump. It’s important to ensure pumps do not overheat; to avoid the problem, always leave the suction and discharge line open during operations.

Check for Air Leaks and Suction Line Blockage. When worn out, suction line fittings and pipe plugs begin to have air leaks, which can cause the pump to lose its static lift. Make sure the suction line is airtight by regularly checking for air leaks using a vacuum gauge. In terms of Suction line, partial blocking, which may lead to a blockage of the suction flow, can occur when the rubber lining in a suction hose pulls away from its fabric. This blockage of flow may cause the centrifugal pump to develop a high vacuum and a low discharge pressure.

Perform a Shut-off Test. This test is done to inspect the components and measure the internal wear of the centrifugal pump. To perform the test, start the pump and allow it to achieve full flow.

Use the Pump for Its Designated Use. Do not use a centrifugal pump to pump liquid that it’s not designed to pump. For instance, do not pump flammable or corrosive liquids, such as gasoline or acid, with pumps designed for pumping water.

Experienced Personnel Only. Only experienced personnel should be allowed to operate a centrifugal pump and do not remove warning tags or labels from the machinery. Also, authorized personnel should not wear loose clothing around the machinery and must be provided with appropriate safety gear.

Be Cautious. Before starting operations, always ensure all the guards and shields of the pump are in place. When the pump is in operation, approach it with caution to avoid accidents.

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