• The HEL100 Lighted End of Circuit Termination Kit is designed for terminating one heater cable with a non-directional lens assembly and long life LED output

• Kits are used to connect and terminate Nelson self-regulating heater cable series LT-J, LT-JT, HLT-J, XLT-J and CLT-JT


• Global-reach industrial-grade universal connection kits for Hazardous Locations

• Certified for NEC/CEC (AX Series) and IEC (EX Series) installations

• Incorporate rugged, non-metallic construction rated for IP66/NEMA 4X

• Designed with corrosion-resistant, anti-static enclosures, and components

• Fit all wattages of Nelson LT-J, LT-JT, HLT-J, XLT-J, and CLT-JT series self-regulating heater cables

• Minimum Installation Temperature: -40°C (-40°F)

• Temperature Use Range: -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F) ambient

• Conductor Size: 1 mm2 (18 AWG) to 6 mm2 (8 AWG)

• Voltage Range: 300 Vac Maximum

• Ingress Protection: NEMA 4X, IP66

• Max Amperage: 14A CLT Series, 18A LT, HLT Series, 25A XLT Series

• Enclosure Material: Glass-reinforced, carbon-loaded, polyester, UV resistant, polymer

• Weight: 0.4 kg (0.8 lb)

Nelson AX/EX Connection Kits Catalog