Kits are used to connect and terminate Nelson self-regulating heater cable series LT-J, LT-JT, QLT-J, HLT-J, and CLT-JT.

• Approved for use in ordinary (unclassified) and Division 2 hazardous areas when used with approved Nelson heating cables.

• PLT Series connection kits are approved for use with all Nelson CLT, LT, HLT, XLT, and NC Series field-fabricated heating cables.


• The PLT-BC Power Connection Kit is suitable for connecting up to two heating cables to customer supplied power wiring

• Global-reach industrial-grade universal connection kits for Hazardous Locations

• Certified for NEC (AX series) applications

• Incorporate rugged, non-metallic construction rated for IP66 / NEMA 4X

• Designed with corrosion-resistant, antistatic enclosures and components

• Easy entry and connectivity with terminal blocks and DIN rails

• Fit all wattages of Nelson LT-J, LT-JT, QLT-J, HLT-J, and CLT-JT series self-regulating heater cables

AXPC100 Power Connection Kits Installation Instructions

Type PLT Series Connection Kits